Somerton man reddit

Somerton man reddit

Seventy years ago, a man was found dead on a beach with a note discovered in his pocket. A likeness of the Somerton Man. JOHN Lyons and his wife were strolling along Somerton Beach in South Australia when they noticed a man lying slouched against the seawall at an uncomfortable angle.

His body was flat, his head was propped up awkwardly on the concrete wall. He went over to check he was breathing, but as he approached the man raised his right arm. Lyons and his wife walked on. The next morning was the first day of summer The man was dead. An unsmoked cigarette rested on his chest, his hair was immaculate, and his double-breasted jacket was pressed and in perfect condition. Who he was and why he was on the beach has remained a mystery for 70 years, despite decades of thorough investigation and a number of tantalising leads.

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Today, the identity of the Somerton Man remains unknown — although we are getting closer to an answer. The body of the Somerton Man. A half-eaten packet of Juicy Fruit was uninteresting, but an aluminium comb, a product unavailable in Australia, suggested he had been in America recently. His clothing was also of an American brand, as police later discovered. An Army Club cigarette packet in his pocket contained a number of cigarettes of another brand. Police noted, however, that the Somerton Man did the opposite of this, filling the cheap packet with expensive cigarettes.

This struck them as oddly deliberate, as if he was trying to play himself off as being of a lower class.

An unused rail ticket from Adelaide to nearby Henley Beach, and a bus ticket from the city led police to the train station, where they discovered a suitcase that was assumed to belong to him. The case contained a number of items, including clothing that had all the tags and identification cut out of them. His autopsy revealed a number of abnormalities that suggested he had been poisoned. Both kidneys were congested, and the liver contained a great excess of blood in its vessels … The spleen was strikingly large … about three times normal size … there was destruction of the centre of the liver lobules revealed under the microscope … acute gastritis haemorrhage, extensive congestion of the liver and spleen, and the congestion to the brain.

If he was poisoned, it was a fast-acting type, undetectable to medical science at the time. How the discover of the body was reported in The Advertiser in Exhaustive international investigations turned up nothing. His fingerprints were not on any databases, and a widely circulated photograph uncovered no leads. Whoever this man was, nobody came forward to identify him. Was this a calling card from a murderer or a morose suicide note?

The jagged paper was soon discovered to have been ripped from the final page of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyamspecifically a edition. The book was a translation of verses by an 11th century Persian poet, and popular in the Western world during the s.

He often left the windows of his car open and thought little of it until he read about the search in the paper.

somerton man reddit

The book itself revealed a startling clue on the back page: an encrypted message, five lines long, each with nonsensical strings of letters. The second line is struck out, adding to the mystery. Code-crackers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Scotland Yard were tasked with decoding the message, but this came to nothing.

Source:News Corp Australia. This was the beginning of the Cold War and paranoia loomed large. Another clue found in The Rubaiyay of Omar Khayyam was far more fruitful: the indentation of an unlisted phone number, which belonged to a nurse named Jessica Thomson. Could she hold the key?It was around a. There was no identification on the body. Thus, officials never identified the man or the cause of death.

Then four months later they found a clue. This is the case of the Somerton Man, also known as the Taman Shud case. Photo of the dead man found on Somerton Beach, Adelaide, on the morning of 1 December On the night of November 30,at least two groups of passersby saw a man who looked like the dead man the jockeys found the following morning.

He had also sat in the same place that the Somerton Man lay. The witnesses said that they did not get a very good look at him, but it was the same man from what they could tell. Passersby saw him around p. Bythere was no discernible movement. One witness said he had wondered if the man was alive, but assumed he was drunk.

The Somerton man wore a nice suit, which pointed to at least a marginal amount of prosperity. An expensive British cigarette, not from Australia, lay behind his ear.

Another half-smoked cigarette of the same brand nestled between his cheek and collar. Interestingly, a pack of those cigarettes placed in the case of a cheaper brand was in his pocket.

Additionally, investigators found a few more items in his pockets: a book of matches, a used bus ticket to Glenelg, and an unused train ticket to Henley Beach. He was not wearing a hat and his shoes were reportedly suspiciously clean. A man had found the book discarded in the backseat of his car, with apparently no explanation as to how it had come to be there.

At the back of the book was the following sequence in pencil. Police believed it to be a code, but it has yet to be cracked. The strikethrough on the second series makes it look like a list, as well.

Also found in the back of the book was the phone number of a woman who allegedly lived and worked near the place where the Somerton Man turned up. Her identity has been protected and her name given only as Jestyn. He still had the book and it was not unusual in any way. Police dismissed the woman and man as possible witnesses. They also dismissed the book, given the unclear evidence that it had anything to do with the Taman Shud case.

During the time that police were investigating the scant few leads, numerous people claimed that the Somerton Man was missing persons that they knew of. In every case, police were able to ascertain that the man was not the missing man in question. In some instances, missing people showed up at the police station to show that they were not the Somerton Man. The autopsy on the Somerton Man showed something quite interesting — there was no evidence of the cause of death.

He seemed in excellent health, save for congestion and bleeding in several organs. He was athletic, possibly a dancer or a runner, but not a laborer, as evidenced by the pristine condition of his hands.Within this mystery, an anonymous man was found deceased on an Adelaidean beach in TSM mystery is like a mosaic.

Each idiosyncrasy of the case is a tile that must somehow stubbornly tessellate with its adjacent pieces. Although this unparalleled mystery has murky, overlapping cogs, I will be analysing the case in parts within this article.

These will cover:. There is only one day left, always starting over: it is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk. At AM, the police were notified and appeared on the scene to find the deceased man lying on his back in the sand with his head and shoulders propped up against the seawall.

Has part of the mysterious Somerton Man code been cracked?

The man was neatly dressed and appeared to be aged in his forties. Within the enigma that is TSM, there lies another mystery- how did he die? After examining the problems within each proposed mode of death, you would swear TSM should still be alive; yet we know he died. The pathologist Sir John Cleland speculated that the severe congestion of multiple organs, although most significantly the spleen and liver was consistent with poisoning.

TSM also had liver issues detected in the autopsy and this may have been related to the spleen enlargement. It is plausible that some form of disease killed him or at least caused him to be in a weaker state. There has been ample recent speculation regarding the precise illness TSM had. Regardless of the methodology of death, TSM seems to have been in ill health.

Cleland mentioned that he was surprised at the pooling of blood considering the position TSM was found in although he elaborated on this and believed that the degree that the head was supported could explain this finding. This point is contentious as it would perhaps be expected that if TSM died from poisoning on the beach in his position, then the blood might have, thanks to gravity, flowed towards his feet.

Some obvious poisons were tested for but the results came back negative.

Adelaide and the Somerton Man: Stephen King's dirty little secret?

At the inquest, Sir Cedric Hicks, a professor of pharmacology and physiology suggested that two publically available drugs: digitalis and ouabain could both individually kill someone if taken in a certain dose and they would not be detectable in an autopsy at the time. He was poisoned with digitalis. Certain drugs may be associated with a contraction in the pupils. Even barbiturates may do it, but it is by no means a distinguishing point. Digitalis can cause a number of visual abnormalities including perceived visual disturbances and physical eye changes.

This is part of the reason that the drug digitalis has been repeatedly speculated to be the poison that killed TSM. Studies have found that the ratio of therapeutic dose to deadly dosage of digitalis can be as low as 4.

The overwhelming evidence on the surface points to TSM being poisoned with the most proposed drug being digitalis. Despite the ample evidence that TSM was poisoned, there are several key factors that point against the death being caused by poison. These include the lack of vomit in the vicinity, the absence of evidence of convulsions and notably the nonexistence of a poison receptacle.

The lack of vomit in the vicinity of TSM was repeatedly raised throughout the inquest. Although fairly rare, the main TSM poison candidate of digitalis has killed people without causing vomiting, although a simpler explanation is that TSM did vomit- just away from his final seawall location. The autopsy determined that TSM had tiny pieces of potato in his stomach that were recently consumed.

Considering the time and location, a pasty is a common theory as to what the potato source was. Another possibility is that TSM vomited next to his body at his final location however this was covered with sand.THE mysterious code in a poetry book linked to a still-unidentified man found dead on Somerton Beach in may have referred in part to a British post-war aircraft, according to a man who may have partially cracked the code.

Certain letters — or prosigns — were used to signify basic instructions to avoid using longer words. And while the message of the code itself is still unbroken, Mr Cramer believes to have found an even deeper mystery — micro-writing hidden within the letters of the five lines of code. He said a line of micro-writing appears to refer to the de Havilland Venom — a British post-war jet, which was still on the drawing board at the time.

He was found dead on Somerton Beach on December 1,slumped against a seawall. He was never identified and an autopsy said he died of unnatural causes, probably because of an unknown poison.

The death coincided with the start of the Cold War and, according to Mr Cramer, the visit to Adelaide of high-ranking British officials and weapons development at Woomera — the later site of nuclear testing.

A Glenelg doctor found the book thrown through the open window of his car. When the back page of the book was treated with iodine during a coronial inquest, five lines of code appeared — letters that have mystified police, code-breakers and amateur sleuths the world and internet over. The phone number of a local nurse, Jo Thomson, was found in the book. Mr Cramer, who lived in Adelaide from until and now lives on the Sunshine Coast, said a line of the micro-writing appears to refer to a British post-war jet.

Darker lines can be seen in the black of the lower half of the swoop. The inscription, which she signed as Jestyn, contains more examples of code micro-writing, he said. For Mr Cramer, it conclusively links the three people together as the heart of the entire mystery.

Mr Cramer believes the Somerton Man intercepted much of the code, because of where the Morse code prosigns fall. The crossed-out second line appears to have been a mistake, although Mr Cramer says the line through it is actually four separate lines that look joined up. The crossed lines in the centre were commonly used to signify two separate sessions of messages.

Mr Cramer said the lines usually flowed back into each other at the other end. There are several other oddities within the code — the first and third Ms are very stylised, while the second and fourth Ms are quite normal. Mr Cramer is now working with an American professor to further examine the micro-writing, but not everyone agrees with him. Professor Derek Abbott, who has studied the Somerton Man case for years, remains unconvinced. Until then, in my view, it remains unvalidated.

Professor Abbott is urging the State Government to exhume the Somerton Man, to solve one of the other big mysteries — whether or not he and Jo Thompson had a child together. In January, the family of the nurse, who died intold 60 Minutes she may have been a spy and had a son with the Somerton Man.

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X No thanks, continue reading article.The Taman Shud Case, also known as the Mystery of the Somerton Man, is an unsolved case of an unidentified man found dead at a. When the police arrived, the body was lying on the sand with its head resting on the seawall, and with its feet crossed and pointing directly to the sea.

An unlit cigarette was behind his ear and a half-smoked cigarette was on the right collar of his coat held in position by his cheek. A new twist in the case occurred on 14 Januarywhen staff at Adelaide railway station discovered a brown suitcase with its label removed, which had been checked into the station cloakroom after a.

The man who brought in the book said he and his brother had been driving around one evening, and parked their car near Somerton beach. The man had discovered the copy of the Rubaiya on the back seat of his car, but assuming it was his brothers, just put it in the glove box and thought nothing of it. However, the chain revealed that the copy they printed was slightly different to the one the police had in their custody. Their print had a similar cover, but had not been printed in that format.

In the back of the book were faint pencil markings of five lines of capital letters with the second line struck out. The strike out is now considered significant with its similarity to the fourth line possibly indicating a mistake and thus, possible proof the letters are code:.

She told police that gave a copy of The Rubaiyat to a soldier she had an affair with in named Alfred Boxall.

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InBoxall contacted her, but she replied that she was married. A man also asked her neighbour about her, but it is unknown if this was Boxall. When she saw the body, she was taken aback, but claimed she did not recognise him. This is despite Jestyn living in Glenelg at the time the body was found, only m from the place of death. Despite consistently claiming she was married, and telling police she did not want her husband embarrassed as a way of keeping herself anonymous, it turned out she was only wed in A copy of The Rubaiyat was found open on his chest.

Another copy of the same edition was never found. Jestyn worked next to the place the body was found, and gave Boxall a copy of the book two months after the death. A woman who testified at the inquest was found dead 13 days afterwards with slit — face down in her bath. Theories of spies and suicide by untraceable poisons abound, but nobody has ever identified the Taman Shud Man.

Rumours suggest that the man was a spy, either for the Americans or the Soviets.Play in a simulated football league - find great movies and TV shows - play Werewolf - play video games try our Minecraft server - argue about politics - listen to music - keep up with science news - play board games - just gasbag - discuss true crime - and so much more.

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somerton man reddit

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The Very Strange Case of The Somerton Man and The Tamam Shud

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somerton man reddit

I listened to this podcast about it today. On the program, Kate Thomson, daughter of Jessica and Prosper Thomson, claims that her mother had told her that she had lied to police and that she did know the identity of the "Somerton Man" and that his identity was also "known to a level higher than the police force. Jessica Thomson's daughter-in-law believes that the "Somerton Man" was her late husband's father and with their daughter has lodged a new application with the Attorney-General to have the body exhumed and DNA tested.

Professor Abbot has written to Attorney-General John Rau in support, saying that the new exhumation request would be consistent with the current government policy of identifying soldiers in war graves to bring closure to their families. Jestyn's daughter Kate opposes the exhumation as being disrespectful to her brother. For the younger generation. Believe it not in the 40s,50s 60s. If you do some homework,there were chinese,russian,turkisk,serbian,croatian and a few other international spy representatives in this country.

This is not a spy rant,its just an explanation that he could have been a spy wishing to stay here and not return home. Eagle Empire Barracker. The fact that Jestyn, whose real name was Jessica Powell, was fluent in the Russian language and was coy about her learnings is something that I find to be very suspicious. Silent Alarm sack Lyon.Following a public appeal by police, the book from which the page had been torn was located. On the inside back cover, detectives were able to read — in indentations from handwriting — a local telephone number, another unidentified number and a text that resembled an encrypted message.

The text has not been deciphered or interpreted in a way that satisfies authorities on the case. The case has been considered, since the early stages of the police investigation, "one of Australia's most profound mysteries.

Public interest in the case remains significant for several reasons: the death occurred at a time of heightened international tensions following the beginning of the Cold War ; the apparent involvement of a secret code; the possible use of an undetectable poison; and the inability of authorities to identify the dead man.

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South Australian Police consulted their counterparts overseas and distributed information about the dead man internationally, in an effort to identify him. Scotland Yard was also asked to assist with the case, but could not offer any insights. In recent years new evidence has emerged, including an old identification card possibly identifying the Somerton Man as one H.

Reynolds [6] and an ongoing DNA analysis of hair roots found on the plaster bust. The man was found lying in the sand across from the Crippled Children's Home, which was on the corner of The Esplanade and Bickford Terrace. It was believed he had died while sleeping. Witnesses who came forward said that on the evening of 30 November, they had seen an individual resembling the dead man lying on his back in the same spot and position near the Crippled Children's Home where the corpse was later found.

Although they commented between themselves that it was odd he was not reacting to the mosquitoes, they had thought it more likely that he was drunk or asleep, and thus did not investigate further. One of the witnesses told the police she observed a man looking down at the sleeping man from the top of the steps that led to the beach. Another witness came forward in and reported to the police that he and three others had seen a well-dressed man carrying another man on his shoulders along Somerton Beach the night before the body was found.

A police report was made by Detective Don O'Doherty. According to the pathologist, John Burton Clelandthe man was of "Britisher" appearance and thought to be aged about 40—45; he was in "top physical condition". An autopsy was conducted, and the pathologist estimated the time of death at around 2 a. The heart was of normal size, and normal in every way There was congestion of the pharynxand the gullet was covered with whitening of superficial layers of the mucosa with a patch of ulceration in the middle of it.

The stomach was deeply congested There was congestion in the second half of the duodenum.

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